Experience only the finest dining in Santorini.
You’d think you’d have to travel between islands to try all of these dining experiences, but they’re all here waiting for you. Discover this entire opulent dining under one roof… Great food and fine wines define the Pegasus Suites & Spa experience and set us apart from other Hotels.

Despite your culinary preferences, in our restaurants you will find creative cuisine in which the traditional flavors of Greece are interpreted and presented with contemporary flair. It showcases Santorini’s huge range of fresh products as well as its mixture of regional specialties.

Our Restaurant offers a menu with amazing flavors for the guests’ preferences. Candlelight dinners can also be arranged from our Restaurant experts in our side or in your private balcony.

“Under the Stars” Restaurant is an open-air restaurant with candles and a romantic atmosphere overlooking the caldera!


Cooking Lessons

Why not spicing up your holiday in Santorini by taking the opportunity to prepare some authentic, seasonal Greek dishes with one of our highly trained Chefs. Pegasus Suites & Spa, organizes residential cooking courses and offer lessons based on both local and other national dishes.

Dedicate some of your time to discover traditional Greece


Andromeda’s Wine Bar

Every holiday has its own essence, aroma and taste that set it apart from related experiences in your memories.

Pegasus Suites & Spa will offer you a holiday of a lifetime with so many personal touches that will make it unique.

If you are a lover of “unexpected flavors” or you need to add a little “spice in your life” taste some of wine varieties and be sure that you will never forget those little moments of “magic”…


The Breakfast

Whether you’re planning a relaxing day by the pool or heading out to explore the treasures of Santorini, we have and energizing and fulfilling healthy start for you, with exceptional breakfast options. Buffet breakfast includes the American champagne breakfast options as well as Greek breakfast options which is one of the healthiest of the world!


Traditional Products

Greek cuisine is measured among the best, healthiest and most balanced cuisines of the world, simply and mainly because it’s based on local products of high nutritional value. Santorini has products with unique quality and nutritional value, such as the olive and extra virgin oil, honey, ouzo, fish, juices, water, tomatoes, wines and many more. These have blended together and created a noble cuisine, which can satisfy every need.

Some of the highly recommended traditional Santorini products are: Caper, Cherry tomatoes, Fava, “Hloro” Cheese, White eggplant, Vinsanto.